[ It is after school and Matt and Jennifer are drinking smoothies. They are sitting on a small hill in front of Jennifer’s house. ]

“I feel generally positive about this school year,” Matt says, “not like, concretely, but.. I don’t know, just like, experiencing good feelings or something, I think.”

“Me too,” says Jennifer.

They allow silence for a couple of minutes.

“This is a good smoothie, you are good at making smoothies,” Matt says.

“Thank you,” says Jennifer, “they are vegan.”

“Jesus,” Matt says.

Jennifer thinks of the word “smoothie” over and over until it begins to sound funny. “Smooth-ie,” she thinks. Jennifer laughs a little and Matt half smiles, seeming outwardly unsure of himself. He drinks his smoothie very quickly.

Five minutes later Jennifer realizes that she has forgotten about Matt’s presence and feels kind of guilty.

“I think I just forgot that you existed,” Jennifer says quietly.

“It is okay,” Matt says.

“Were you thinking about me being silent?” says Jennifer, “What were you thinking about?”

“Nothing,” says Matt, “I can’t remember what I was thinking about.”

“Jesus,” Matt says.

“How do you think about nothing,” Matt says.

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